Aregbesola Inflates Osun Road Contracts – PDP

The Peoples’ Democratic Party in Osun State has accused the state governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola of inflating the cost of contract awarded for the construction of some roads in the state.

In a statement signed by the Director of Media and Strategy for Osun PDP, Prince Diran Odeyemi, the party cried foul that the governor was delibrately not prudent in the award of the road contracts  which Aregbesola claimed will cost the state about N17.8 billion.

“We knew it from the inception of his administration that Aregbesola deliberately doubled as Commissioner for Work for a purpose. When he named his deputy Mrs Laoye Tomori as the Commissioner for Education we suspected a foul play. Now that events are unfolding we know why the two juicy Ministries were put under the Governor,s Office, it has started manifesting for all of us to see that  Governor, Aregbesola is only interested in the State fund and not her development”

“The contract for the dualization of the road from Dagbolu to Ikirun (9.2 kilometres); Oshogbo from Old Garage to Ikirun Junction (20.2 kilometres) and Ikirun to Okuku (16.5 kilometres) up to the border of Kwara State which the governor claimed gulped N17.8 billion from the coffer of the state is a fraud and we cannot open our eyes and watch such fraudulent activities thriving on the resources of our dear state”.

“The cost of a good road according to stastistics is N250M per KM in which case Aregbesola 46KM road should not be more than N11.5B but our governor has inflated it by adding extra N6.3 billion which he will have to explain to EFCC at a later date.”

“It is not about awarding contracs alone that matters to us, it is about transparency as being claimed by Governor Aregbesola and the ACN, and the simple question we are asking is, what is the cost per kilometre so as to justify the payment of N17.8 billion to a Lagos based contractor for a 46KM road”

Odeyemi also charged Aregbesola to see governance as a serious business as he noted that it was laughable that the state government is boasting that it has replaced the bulbs on the street lights within the state as if street light was alien to the state before the emergence of Aregbesola’s administration.


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