Drug test on politicians

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is advocating for all public office-holders in Nigeria to undergo drug integrity tests before assuming duties.

Addressing media professionals in Abuja, last Wednesday, the Agency’s Chief Executive, General Buba Marwa (rtd.) called on political parties in the country to make drug integrity a fundamental component of their screening checklist for aspirants seeking to become party flagbearers for elections.

Marwa argued that the ample pressure and huge sense of responsibility which political offices demand of their holders make it necessary to ascertain if they are already drug addicts/users who might spend all the money for governance to consume cocaine to the detriment of society.

The nation should heed the admonition because, first, it is coming from a pragmatic result-oriented former public officer of repute who has since his current appointment introduced several innovations to NDLEA that are fast yielding great results as opposed to several years of the Agency’s mundane operations

Nigerians would also quickly agree with Marwa because since the restoration of democracy to their country in 1999, they have observed many inexplicable actions and statements from persons in power. It is perhaps in order to name a few recent activities that have led people into wondering if some political leaders in Nigeria are fully well-balanced.

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