Edo-Born Fraud Kingpin In Spain, Nelson Okonobo Exposed

Nelson Okonobo’s name may not ring a bell among many Nigerians in Diaspora, especially in Spain where he sojourns, the name, according to those who have encountered him is synonymous with everything evil. 

He has been alleged of being a ring leader of a fraud cartel specialising in duping fellow Nigerians especially vulnerable women, considered to be soft targets.

His many victims narrated how he made their life miserable after an encounter with the light skin Edo-born fraudster who lives in Saville, Spain.

According to a document obtained from the Spanish police Authority, Okonobo is alleged to have been involved in a multiple of scams whereby he lured middle class Nigerians in Europe and America into paying huge sums on the pretense of helping their relatives and in most cases, a marriage scam know in the local parlance as ‘come and Marry’

One of such instance was a case of a nurse in Britain identified in a police police as Ude Newton who was allegedly swindled of several thousands of Euros on the pretense of helping her relative in Spain.  The relative was reported by Nelson that Ude’s brother was suffering from alcoholic abuse and needed urgent rehab therapy. 

As the story was narrated to News of the People, Okonobo’s targets are women with one or two relatives in Spain, he  hacks into the phone of his target and then contact their families to come to their rescue with money, a modus operandi similar to requesting a ransom for kidnap.

‘I was called that my brother who is in Spain has become homeless without phone and food. I became worried and tried my brother’s phone without success, so, I was asked to come to his rescue that he needed about three thousands to get him a decent accommodation and a phone while he would also get him a rehab to help his situation. He came across as a man I can trust as he was quoting Bible and saying he was just interested because he is a fellow Nigerian’ Ude said.

According to her, before I knew it I have committed several thousands, sent directly to him to help my brother but the bubble burst when my brother eventually got across to say he never collected any money from Nelson nor ever been to a rehab for treatment.

The police confirmed of an intent to commit fraud because of a fake photo identity of a rehab with an alleged photograph of Ude’s brother was retrieved.

In another development, Okonobo was said to have staged a health-challenge solicitation, saying he had a hole in the heart thereby calling on Nigerian community to assist in a ‘go fund me’ manner, a claim that was later found to be hoax.

His target of single ladies across Europe is said to be legendary. A victim of his in London identified as Esiri said he told her that he was  desperately looking for a wife to marry and after a week, he began to seek financial help either to finance a business or to send a container to Africa, adding ‘that was the red flag to know he was a scam’

Another victim who prayed to be anonymous said at a time, Okonobo allegedly lied that the Nigerian community were  planning to take corpse of a Nigerian back home and money was required for such, thereby begging people to raise funds and it was later revealed that it was all a scam.

Another of his victim who lives in Cambridge is not that lucky as he was able to milk a thousand pound sterling from her on an excuse that he needed to fund his water factory in Benin city with more funds of €20,000. They were already on the terms of marriage and live together as husband and wife.

It was gathered that no sooner had he got the one thousand than he allegedly switched off his phone and only to resurfaced after three weeks with a story of having heart disease and required more money to get medical attention.

His water company identified as Water Diamond Gold Ltd in Ikpoba Hill area of Benin city seems to be an alibi to establish a legitimacy for his victim to be while he is said to always boast of an elder brother Philips Okonobo a rich shipping manager for Dangote company.

Investigations has however revealed that Nelson is happily married and has  two other women and a spanish woman in Spain.

Findings by this magazine at Dangote proved that there’s no shipping manager in Dangote Group while the Spanish police responded that all complaints against Okonodo are being considered while a statutory step would be instituted shortly. However, all attempts to speak with Nelson proved abortive as he failed to respond to all messages sent to him.

by Mosun Usman

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