How 106 persons were killed, over 100 houses burnt in one night

It was gathered that the bandits, who rode into the Plateau communities in over 70 motorcycles, each carrying three persons fully armed with sophisticated weapons, opened fire indiscriminately on men only, and left women unhurt.

some of the victims were shot fleeing into the bush, others were killed in their homes, including old and young men.

The bandits entered the communities, one after the other, shooting directly at men and boys only; and gathered the women and girls under the trees while the operation lasted.

“At the end of the operation, they asked the women to return to their burnt homes. There was also selective burning of homes because someone, who knew the communities was the one telling them what houses to set on fire.

“Although 106 persons killed in the attack have been given mass burial, many dead bodies are still being recovered in the bushes because the bandits pursued some people into the bushes,’’ the source said.

Deputy Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Saleh Yipmong, who also confirmed this, said the military and other security agents arrived in the communities an hour after the killers had left.

He said even the villagers were surprised about the attack because the communities remain the safest in the state.

“Something that shocked everyone was that the burning of houses, over a hundred in number, was selective. Someone was telling them which houses to burn. That is why you see that a house will be burnt, the next one or two houses would be spared before they go to the next.

“The attack has created a huge humanitarian crisis in the communities now. People are homeless and are in desperate need of assistance.

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