Kako Bi Chicken singer, Reminisce

Without a doubt, one of the recent wave- making songs, rocking the television and radio stations, as well as clubs is Kako Bi Chicken. The song is now on the lips of lovers of music, apparently because of the generous use of deep street slogans commonly used among youths today. Reminisce, the guy behind the song in this chat with Dotun Olanibi revealed how he started his musical career, his latest album, background, the craziest thing a fan ever did to him and lots more

People know you as Reminisce, can we know your full names?

My real names are Remilekun Khalid Safaru.

Why did you choose the stage name Reminisce?

I wanted something very close to my real name. I chose the closest dictionary word to my name and luckily, it fits into a rapper nomenclature.

How did your musical career start?

It started off five years ago with ID Cabassa, 9ice and Jahbless; they are all my seniors in the industry.

Going down memory lane, can you share with us what really inspired you while coming up?

Yes, first, 9ice’s breakthrough and later on, Jahbless’.  Watching people close to me achieved so much really and inspired me to work very hard so as not to be left off track.

Your song, Kako BiChicken came out and became an instant hit, people now wonder what was happening to you before your latest song?

I have dropped some singles before Kako Bi Chicken. One of them, being Ever Since, featuring 9ice. It did well, but didn’t give me the attention I wanted, so I had to keep recording until I got it right.

At what point did you get it right?

I got it right this time with the recent release of my debut album which I have been working on for three years now. It is titled Book of Rap Stories.

Why the title Book of Rap Stories?

The album depicts different sides of me musically; the Fuji, Rap and R n B. so I decided to give it that title.

Your fans will like to know more about Reminisce?

Well, I am from Ajilete, Yewa South LGA of Ogun state. I grew up in Alagomeji area of Yaba in Lagos state, No 1 Spencer Street to be precise. I attended Queens and Kings international schools, Oko Oba Lagos before I proceeded to Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin to further my education.

It’s on record that at your album listening party, you kissed a female fan’s boobs, that appears crazy. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

That’s the craziest.


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