The uproar that greeted the sudden and unexpected crash in the celebrated marriage of funky pastor Rev. Kris Okotie and his wife of four years, Stephanie Henshaw, about two months ago, appears to be settling down. With the momentum the separation of the two celebrities gathered, one would have thought there might never be a ceasefire, given the tantrums Stephanie thrown at Okotie and his Household of God Church members; even as Rev. Okotie has refused to make any statement, after the shocking declaration of their separation in church on Sunday, June 24, 2012.

But contrary to the expectations of many, there appears to be a breather and sigh of relief over the unfortunate separation of these two once-upon-a time love birds and spouses.

The news is already in town and spreading fast that there are moves by the two to have an amicable and peaceable settlement of the marriage gone sour, and the indications are that the two are favourably disposed to the settlement talks, the fuller details of which are still being fine-tuned. As you are reading this, the two, we gathered are on talking terms, having realized that as earlier consenting adults they do not need to wash their dirty linens in public any longer.

Whether both were prevailed upon by unidentified peacemakers to give peace a chance and sheath their swords, even if they do not remain man and wife, nobody knows; but one thing is clear Kris and Stephanie have both mellowed down on the brouhaha their separation created, and their erstwhile irreconcilable differences are now turning out to be reconcilable after all, but with probable options of Stephanie relocating to Abuja with her three kids, while Kris stays back in Lagos to carry on his ministerial work.

We also gathered that, while Stephanie relocates to Abuja with her kids, Kris will allegedly be taking care of her welfare and those of the kids, since they will only remain separated on principles and not divorced per se. The two, according to a source, must have explored this opportunity in order to lay good examples for the children, who have come to know Kris as their dad over the years, and also to allow blunt criticisms of Rev. Kris’ approach to and handling of matrimonial issues to mellow down. Recall that Kris’ marriage to first wife Tyna crashed years back and the woman relocated to the US and that settled the matter at least temporarily. His second marriage is now interestingly toeing the same line, with Stephanie shifting base to Abuja for residence and Kris in Lagos.

Unfortunately, both Kris’ marriages have never produced a fruit of the womb which has given another ugly dimension to the fact that maybe; perhaps maybe, Rev Kris cannot make a woman a mother. But, what does one make of a recent revelation by one obscure lady by name Remi Odutola, who flagrantly claimed that she in the past had three abortions for Okotie and even a child called Toluwani. All these are knotty issues that have cast very strong aspersions on Rev. Kris Okotie and his matrimonial woes. This new development between him and Stephanie must have opened yet another chapter for the usually jerry-curled, law graduate, politician/FRESH party presidential candidate, musician and above all the senior pastor of Household of God Church, a Pentecostal church movement. The whole world is waiting for Rev. Kris Okotie’s next attempt at marriage even as it was reported few weeks back that he is planning another marriage for December. But right now, he remains in the consciousness of many as a billionaire-bachelor.

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