Lagos Gazette New Traffic Rules

The much publicised Road Traffic Law is now ready to be enforced by Lagos state government as it was gazetted last week.
After the law was enacted recently, commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Lagos, Ade Ipaye had said that the government would wait for the new law to be gazetted before it would start enforcement across Lagos.
With the law being gazetted, enforcement of the ban on commercial motorcyclist from plying 475 roads across the state would soon commence.
Also, officials of the state government, led by the Deputy Governor, Joke Orelope-Adefulire will addressed a stakeholders’ meeting comprising Community Development Associations, CDAs, traditional rulers, community leaders, among others.
Governor Babatunde Fashola had vowed that he would enforce the new traffic law to the letter and would not mind whose ox is gored.
The Lagos State Government had warned civil servants to obey the law as anyone who flouted it would be made to face the wrath of the law, and warned officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, (LASTMA) to desist from taking bribe as anyone caught would be sacked.
Lagos Traffic Law: Things You Must Not Do
Driving against traffic (one way drive)  One year imprisonment (1st offender) 3 years imprisonment (repeated offender). Seized vehicle to be forfeited to government.
Driving unlincensed or unregistered vehicle  N20,000 fine for first offender, N30,000 or 3 year jail or both for repeated offenders.
Trailers banned from entering or travelling within Lagos metropolis from 6 a.m till 9 p.m.  N50,000 fine or 6 months jail, vehicle to be impounded.
Neglect of traffic signs, traffic light  1 year jail and forfeiture of vehicle for first offender and 3 years imprisonment and forfeiture for repeated offenders
Driving and making phone calls or eating  N20,000 for first offender and 3 years imprisonment or N30,000 or both for repeated offenders.
NURTW and other unions also outlawed from collecting money at the motor parks.
Riding commercial motorcycle (Okada) on 496 major roads  N20,000 fine for first offender, N30,000 or 3 years jail or both for repeated offender.
Carrying a pregnant woman on Okada  3 years imprisonment and forfeiture of Okada
Carrying a passenger with load on his/her head on Okada 3 years imprisonment and forfeiture of Okada, passengers will also be prosecuted.
Carrying a child below age 12 on Okada  3 years imprisonment
Other highlights include ban on sale of alcohol 100 metres to a motor park. Sale of goods and begging for alms on the roads are prohibited.
Where the law did not state a specific penalty, a fine of N20,000 will be imposed on first offenders and N30,000 or 3 years imprisonment or both for subsequent offenders.

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