ONDO NEEDS A CHANGE AGENT – Prince Soji Ehinlanwo

Prince Soji Ehinlanwo is not one of your run off the mill jack. This Nigerian, of Ondo State extraction has been sojourning in Europe for over 13 years, coasting from coast to coast, across global organizations rendering his dexterity to impact his knowledge in public sector change initiatives. East or West, home they say is the best. Soji’s urge, driven by a desire to come back home to make a loud impact in the polity, particularly in Ondo State has reached a crescendo. In an interview with our correspondent recently in Abuja, he spoke vastly on some burning issues affecting the welfare of his people in Ondo State and confirmed his readiness to be at the fore front of mass awareness in the race to re-orientate his people to take their rightful position in the comity of States in Nigeria. Snippet below.


Prince Soji Ehinlanwo is one of the most skillful Process Engineer in Nigeria whose excellent skills has been eluding Nigeria due to lack of infrastructure in the country to support his wherewithal. All that may soon be over! A highly skilled IT Change and Management Consultant with over thirteen years experience in the technical and management components of Information Technology deployment and provision of management expertise in public and private of public and private sector, some of which he acquired in some of the most reputable and leading organizations in Europe and America. Soji combined humility with a deep sense of public and private sector change initiatives which he also acquired across three major continents consisting of Africa, Europe and North America. He is a product of University of Ado Ekiti and also obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the University of East London.


The unfortunate position Nigeria has found itself in the comity of nations is giving Ehinlanwo a very big headache. I have decided not to be a watcher in the political machinations of my dear country. This is what has strengthened my resolve to deliver change for transformation. With my experience in the public sector abroad, I am well equipped to make a loud impact in the running of the affairs of my people, particularly, in Ondo State. I believe that people with vast experience of public sector from advanced countries should not away from making things happen. This is my resolve, and as a Change Initiative Agent working with the Inland Revenue in United Kingdom, I believe I am well fortified to bring change to my people.


 I come from the Oil producing area of Ondo State, specifically, Ilaje; but the level of development in that area is not impressive. There is absolute squalor and poverty, deprivation and lack of infrastructure. This is unacceptable! I am not playing politics, but I think the chicken that lays the golden egg needed to be looked after. There are no good roads in that area, and it is not just in Ilaje axis alone. When you travel around the State the level of decadence that confronts you is alarming. Then you begin to wonder if this State actually receives the 13% derivation from oil from the federal government as one of the oil producing States in Nigeria. It is as bad as that. I am determined to use my experience to inject developmental initiatives in all areas such as in the provision of good roads, by bringing in experts to construct durable rural road network. Ondo State is blessed with abundant bitumen, but where are the proceeds, where are the good roads? Provision of quality education, by providing teaching tools, access to information technology and renovation of the run-down buildings that serves as classrooms for our children. It is not enough to build hospitals; there is the need to provide preventive and curative healthcare system. Our youths are gradually becoming irrelevant in the scheme of things, crime rates are increasing simply because these guys are jobless. Employment for the youths is inviolable. I am determined to strengthen human resource for the benefit of Ondo State in particular and Nigeria as a whole. But you must remember that all of these can only be achieved under a viable environment. An investor-friendly environment is germane to the development of Ondo State towards the uplift of her people. I believe with dynamic individuals, exposed to human and economic management on the global terrain, individuals who are change initiators, managing the resources of Ondo State, we will get there. But, it is not yet Uhuru!


 The security situation in Nigeria is now worrisome. It was never as bad as this. Although, we had the MataSine in the past, it was not as bloody as it is today. Only God can help us. Be that as it may, I think the security institutions needs to be more pro-active. Intelligence gathering mechanism must be upgraded and they must be prepared for all eventualities. The unity of the political class is also very vital to the survival of democracy and the progress of our dear country, Nigeria. People are now afraid to visit leisure parks to relax, for Christ sake, the government must do something. We cannot bring investors into the country this way.


 Bearing in mind his political background, which has its deep in his role model, his father; Prince Soji Ehinlanwo dabbled into politics briefly in 2010. He had thought that his experience in the political turf in Europe and America where things are done with due process will see him through in Nigeria, but it was never to be. After obtaining a form to contest for the House of Representatives under the umbrella of the Labour Party in Ondo State that year, he tasted a bitter pill through the usual unfortunate politics of anointing that is in vogue in this clime. Ehinlanwo quickly retreated to Europe to watch closely events at home towards staging a fight back. He has not declared his intention.

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