RITA DOMINIC Plans Wedding

Are you astounded? Well, we were too when we heard this rather startling news about our dear top notch Nollywood actress and Glo Ambassador, Rita Dominic. This is because, for a very long time now, the subject marriage has never been connected to this sultry perfect role deliverer who has traversed the English genre of the Nollywood as a shining star for well over a decade now. Just like most of her contemporaries, who hitherto and seemingly abhorred the marriage institution, have been changing their prefix from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs.’, it was thus a pleasant news for us at this end to hear from a grapevine that Rita Nwaturocha Dominic, a Theatre Arts graduate of University of Port Harcourt, and of Igbo extraction, was knocking up some plans to get married very soon. It was indeed a very cheering news to many of charming and delectable Rita’s fans and admirers, as it was obvious that marriage remained the only thing left for her to accomplish. But with what we could scratch from a recent interview she had with a Lagos-based soft-sell tabloid, information about Rita Dominic’s purported wedding plans is rather sketchy. When she was asked in particular when her wedding bells will ring, Rita replied in a rather unambiguous way, “very soon, very soon (grin, grin, grin), you will hear it; and when the poser of her finding the right man being difficult was put to her, she retorted: No, I never said anything like that, you people titled it that way. I can never say anything like that,na una use hand write am like that’ (laughs); and as to whether it has really been difficult finding the right man; ever smiling Rita would not want to be categorical about the issue, saying, “just leave it like that (laughs). Maybe, I am not answering that question (laughs), you people are trying to push me, but you are not getting that aspect.

Our sincere memo to Rita at this end is that as an African woman, marriage is one of her obligations whether she likes it or not and if she must know, age is definitely not getting favourable to her, only that she has a striking  figure and charming looks that can still keep her going for many years to  come. So, for how long are we or let’s say your fans going to wait for Rita to become Mrs. Rita?

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  1. please Rita it time for you to say yes,but sister please until you get the right man,men are not to be trusted this days.don’t let people’s talk make you rush into it o.

  2. Please Rita, love is not enough, compatibility counts since marriage is a life long commitment to be cherished.However, a balancing act need to be injected here since time is flying away. I would love to see you walking down the isle with your beautiful smile sending a sign ”I do” to your better half by default even before you put your pen to paper.

  3. Please Rita, love is not enough, compatibility counts since marriage is a life long commitment to be cherished. Life has alot to offfer and you have to be patient to savor it’s beauty. However, remember that in this world, there is no security, there are only opportunities that are clinched by those who risk to a given extent but avoid being foolhardy.

  4. Rita Dominic, your beauty is toooooooooooo much. I am ready to marry you. I have been dying for your love. But wait a minute before i get killed! What about this son of a gun Jim Iyke that has been smooching you all this year. Im don run leave you. Come get down with me. Joh O! No time! No time babe. I get the stamina for bed and my personal guy na king size.

  5. Miss Rita,pls try and settle wit a man as ur husband. Am 4rm Aboh Mbaise as well. Marriage is highly regarded in our domain Mbaise.

  6. marriage marriage marriage. is it by force? u people should spare RITA Α̩ℓℓ this craps plz. what if she jumps into it and then cries all through her lifetime? u c… its still u that will castigate her on internet how she’s been so unlucky.
    Α̩ℓℓ D̲̅ people who α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ blabn here α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ even far more older than she is…. empty vessels.

  7. na by force to marry? is cos of all these kind of talks dat make ladies desperate and jump into d hands of wrong men and still rush out of d marriage more battered pls u pple should stop pushing ladies into unprepared and wrong hands let ladies take their time and be prepared before entering into marriage it is not a bed of roses. some pple are happier and more fulfilled being single.

  8. My Dear Angel, Never Listen to d word of d month. But pay attention to its tone. Marriage is not where u take a bag to but where u take everything into. Enter when u feel is d right n final time, ok. I Love u Babe.

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