SHOCKER: Lagos Public Primary School Closed For HOUSING Development

While Lagos state is contending with high rate of children out of school, an unthinkable action has again surfaced in the the city. A public primary school has been closed for housing project.

In the past few years, the residents of Adeniyi Jones estate have been at loggers head with land grabbers over the take over of Adeniyi Jones primary school on Kudeti street.

News of the People gathered that a forceful take over started about two years ago and in few weeks, the school was under locks with presence of policemen to prevent dwindled pupils from gaining entry.

When this publication made enquiries from one of the policemen on guard, he simply directed that we should get in touch with the adjourning health centre, saying “we are here to protect this place and not to answer questions”

Findings revealed that the actual take over of the school was perpetrated by some land grabbers claiming to be the land owners who donated the land to government for a public school.

The said land owners are identified as Akinola Oshun family that said to have the backing of the Lagos Building Investment Company which is allegedly offering the government backing.

It was gathered that the estate development committee has protested severally without success as no concrete action was taken by the Lagos state relevant agencies to stop total eradication of the school.

A peep into the school compound revealed that the entire structures of the school have been demolished.

A member of the estate who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the said Oshun family has been on the take over for a long time thereby systemically preventing students from enrolling into the school.

He pointed out that some part of the school that were earlier taken over have been converted to an commercial buildings while they claim they have donated a small piece for a public health centre as a compensation for the take over.

However,all attempts to get the view of LBIC was unsuccessful.

-Mosun Usman

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