Tension mounts in Accord as Ajadi, Adelabu lock horns on authentic party’s guber candidate

Tension has mounted in Accord Party in Oyo State, just as a former All Progressives Congress, APC governorship aspirant, Chief Bayo Adelabu and Accord Party Chieftain, Alhaji Saheed Ajadi, have locked horns on who will finally contest the governorship election of the state in 2023 on platform of the party.

Adelabu claimed to have clinched the ticket of AP, after he lost in the primary election of APC to Senator Teslim Folarin, a few weeks ago.

The failure of the former APC chieftain to clinch the party’s governorship ticket, forced him to defect to Accord.

His defection to the party aftermath of APC’s primary, has led to a conflict between him and a chieftain of Accord, Alhaji Saheed Ajadi, who is also eying the governorship seat of the state in 2023.

While responding to the claim of Adelabu, who is parading himself as the governorship candidate of AP, Ajadi, during a press conference on Monday, said his (Adelabu) membership of the party remains unknown to him, as there was no evidence to back up his claims.

Ajadi said: “It’s very simple. It’s all about common sense. If you are talking about Adebayo Adelabu, when you want to build a house, you cannot build a house from the roof downwards. You only build a house from the foundation upwards.”

We have built the foundation of Accord from 2010. We started Accord together with former Governor of Oyo State, Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja. We left PDP in 2010 with the likes of Alhaji Yekini Adeojo.”

“I have been a member of Accord since 2010. I have contested election under PDP against Adedibu’s son in 2006/2007. So, it’s not a new thing in politics. We have enough experience.”

“However, when you want to join a party, there are protocols you have to go through.”

Adebayo Adelabu’s case is a blunder from him. If he wants to govern a state, he should show some decorum when he wants to do things. This is a public office. He should show some standards.”

“He lost an election in APC, primary election three days after, he declared himself a member of Accord Party and governorship candidate. How does it work?”

“He is not a card-carrying member of Accord Party, we do not know him in Accord. I have been in Accord Party for over ten years and I have never heard his name. The ignorance of politics has shown he does not even know how to play politics.”

“He submitted the form in a APC as a member and he lost the primary election and INEC witnessed it. How can  he come three days after and say he is a member of Accord Party and the governorship candidate? I don’t think I need to join issues with him.”

“Accord is ours, I still remain the governorship candidates and INEC witnessed our consensus. There was evidence for what we did as a party.”

“How then can he say he is the candidate of the party who gave him the tickets of the party after losing to someone else in APC? We have to play politics with common sense.”

While speaking on Ladoja’s leaving the party Ajadi said: “There is no house that is divided that can stand again, it is not possible. There will always be something to remember that is negative. Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja was our leader in Accord Party.”

“He moved to PDP and he moved to ZLP at a stage. I am sure you are all aware. So, if the if he wants to come back to Accord to remain one with us, we are willing to welcome him back to Accord. So it is important that we state clearly how things.”

“He is a leader in the state, a former governor and also a chief of Ibadan. I am a native of Ibadanland and he is my father, he is my leader. So, I respect him.”

“I told Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja not to leave Accord  five or six years ago. I begged hin early in the morning. He said I’m I a ‘Woli’, what am I seeing?  We are going to meet again in the evening we could not meet till today. We only heard he has moved to PDP after a while ZLP. Why would you build a house and wants to destroy it by yourself? It doesn’t make sense.”

“So we stood and said this is what we have been building, will not allow it to break. It is not what we are going to eat that has brought us into politics, no! How do we change the narratives for Nigerians? We have to be a good example for the people.”

“Everybody loves Accord now why? Because we stood. We are the alternative for Oyo State and if we succeed in building Oyo State will be the alternative for Nigeria.”

Ajadi reiterated that he has been given the mandate to become the next governor of the state in 2023.

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