Tinubu Appointed Oyetola Minister Because He’s His Brother

Osun state governor has revealed that his predecessor Gboyega Oyetola was appointed by President Tinubu as minister because Oyetola is his brother.

This has fuelled a continuous speculation that the former governor and Tinubu are blood relatives. The president has always been linked to Osun state, which he has continuously denied.

Speaking in an interview with Arise TV correspondent, the governor said he was not contacted by the presidency when a minister was to be appointed from Osun state, adding ‘ Oyetola was appointed because he’s his brother’

He pointed out that he would have still recommended the former governor if he had been consulted by the presidency.

Going memory lane, the governor exposed how Jackson was added to his name, saying he was christened Ademola Nurideen Adeleke, his mother added Ifeanyi while he was nicknamed Jackson in the United States when he emerged winner if a dancing competition during the reign of Jackson Five.

He said “after I won the competition , our leader was struggling to pronounce my name and just concluded to call me Jackson because that was the time the Jackson Five were reigning” adding “since then, I have adopted Jackson even on my passport, it reads Ademola Jackson Adeleke’

The interview aired today on This Morning show was conducted by Ojinika Okpe.

By Wale Adediran

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